We only invest in companies we believe in. We don't believe in "bargains". As entrepreneurs, we are independent; and we have no set timescale for the duration of a commitment.

Dacapo has set as its goal to raise the untapped potential of medium-sized enterprises, together with management, and by doing so to contribute to sustainable value enhancement.

Focus on medium-sized companies with a turnover of 20 to 150 million euros  

Convincing business strategy with a clear USP - no "me too" businesses

Existence of value enhancement potential yet to be realised  

Normally majority shareholdings, but to a small extent qualified minority shareholdings also

Positive operative cash flows foreseeable in the near future  

Managers and owners with personal integrity and entrepreneurial spirit

Transaction volumes up to 30 million euros  

Invested equity capital up to 10 million euros  

Even in restructuring situations it is the case that the previous owners did not do everything badly or many things incorrectly. Quite the opposite: the right decisions were often made in recent years, and only small things neglected. So that too is often not the reason for a company's possible crisis, but is at most the trigger for it. Nevertheless, the entry of new partners on an entrepreneurial basis brings fresh energy and a new boldness back into the business: new brooms sweep clean. Along with this, for us the fundamental approaches to value enhancement include:

channelling and combining the strengths of the business where the leverage is greatest  

re-focusing of the business onto its sustainable elements - cutting out the deadwood

generating new market opportunities out of new market approaches and product applications  

improved cash management

optimising the leverage effect (debt reduction capacity)  

improved organisational structure

improved financial performance through rationalisation  

buy-and-build strategy (acquisition of competitors and exploitation of the associated synergies and economies of scale)

In summary, this means doing the right things and then doing them even better. It sounds simple - sometimes it really is, but at times it can also be difficult.