We believe that courage is a fundamental aspect of work - and courage must be rewarded. Those who invest money demonstrate courage – and those who demonstrate courage must also be allowed to succeed.
For us, fairness is an important quality which can only be experienced by those who are well treated.

Only those who take risks themselves will be concerned about the long-term development of the company. In this respect, for us, investment and commitment go hand-in-hand. Furthermore, Dacapo's view is that

respect for existing company structures and identities is essential

professional investment can only be guaranteed through professional standards

transparent communication is the basis for all action

mutual trust and fairness are inherent in the investment process and partnership

transactions should be individually tailored to the financial, legal and fiscal interests of those involved  

the management in charge should be closely involved in the new capital structure (incentivisation towards commercial success)

as well as capital, a partner must import professional expertise and industrial experience  

a commonality of interest must exist between the parties involved in the process

For a company to rise to ever-new market challenges, it needs strong and experienced partners. Our personal relationship to the management on the ground is characterised by entrepreneurial action, incentivisation towards commercial success, and cooperation in a spirit of partnership, as well as mutual trust and respect for existing values. In this context we try as a matter of principle to build on existing management, but are in no way reluctant to further equip management with the necessary resources. We would do this with managers experienced in the sector, and whom we access via our network.

Our expertise, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit which such a company needs in this kind of situation, ensures the success of the investment for the future and hence also supplier reliability and quality in the market.